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About Us.

We are Erich and Maria and we have a grown up daughter, Saskia. Our son Daniel was 14 when he was taken from us, we say, ‘went to the other side’ in a road traffic accident. Organic agriculture, nature, animals and people were very important to him, as well as peace, love and harmony.

We have discovered where we should be going in life and would like to continue our journey with strength, goodness and gratitude.

In 1986, we took over and renovated Naturhaus Lehnwieser. In 1997 the Foresthouse was newly built.

In 1997 the Foresthouse was newly built.

Using organic products for the protection of the environment is our first priority. However, we can also offer our guests a healthy and harmonious stay here.

Our aim is for people, animals and nature to work together. We achieve this not only through our organic outlook, but also in our work with people. With our youth project, ‘Work and Learning Heals’, young, (and disadvantaged young people) can undertake an apprenticeship or a period of work experience in the organic restaurant and retail trades.

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By us you can find many different animals like ponies, goats, chickens, rabbits, our dog Kaspar and our cats.

Rosi, Nelli and Ricky, our three goats, look forward to welcome all visitors. Likewise our dog Kaspar awaits everyone who would like to play with him.

Our Ponies Sheila and Beppolino as well as our Haflinger mare Miralda look forward to every child who visits, grooms or would like to ride on them.

Pony riding is free of charge; however we are always grateful for food donations.